Property and Tenant Management System

As part of our ongoing effort to improve building services, S. C. Herman & Associates, Inc. has implemented a new web-based service for submitting and tracking building issues.

This system allows you and the members of your organization to enter service requests directly from your computer desktop and mobile device. We believe that is as much about making our time more efficient as it is for yours, so we urge you to submit all future requests through this system when possible. Utilizing this system will allow us to more rapidly and efficiently respond to your requests, as well as allowing you to check the status of each request at any time, or update them as necessary. Additionally, work orders that have been completed or scheduled for future resolution will generate email notifications for you to review.

New Users

If you haven’t already received a Username and Password, please contact your building administrator to create an account and for further instructions.


Check out this brief user guide, which will explain the fundamentals of navigating the system and submitting requests. Additionally, we are supplying an online training video, which is located below and can be shared via the following link:

Online Tenant Portal

BuildingConnect is a property website / tenant service portal that provides our tenants and staff with a one-stop online service center. It has everything you need to connect with our property, including requesting and managing service, using one convenient login. That means fewer phone calls, emails, and frustration!

Capabilities include:

  • Service Requests
  • Resource Scheduling (book conference rooms, elevators, loading docks and other shared resources)
  • Tenant Handbook & Building Documents
  • Photos and Messaging

Tenant Mobile App

The TenHub app for iOS and Android is a better way for tenants to report, track, and comment on building issues, while on-the-go. TenHub delivers better service documentation, added process transparency, and a more convenient way for tenants to rate service experience and stay informed of new building announcements.

TenHub also allows you to download building documents, receive building broadcast messages on the go, and update your user profile.

You can continue using your current username and password to log into the app. Future updates to the app will allow you to reserve building resources, register visitors, and much more. You can always let us know what you want to see in TenHub by submitting your ideas right from the app.